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干渉する浮遊体 ​/ Interfering Floating Bodies

Team Interfering Floating Bodies

Scientist: Mafumi Hishida
Sculptor: Shogo Abiru
Musician: Jiro Hashimoto
Engineer: Masaru Mizuochi
Programmer: Yuma Yanagisawa
Designer: Sakura Kai 




We have believed soap bubbles pop and burst easily. "Interfering Floating Bodies" is an installation that challenges the notion. Bubbles float in mid-air in the glass bowl without falling. The surrounding is reflected in the bubble’s surface on all angles, and the rainbow-colored interference patterns on the surface constantly change in alluring ways.

By controlling the specific gravity of the soap bubbles to make them float in the glass, the film is stabilized for long time. Further, by enveloping the entire space in a monochrome light environment, the original beauty of the soap film is brought out. The rainbow colors created by the interference of light from the soap bubble membrane appear more vivid than anything you have ever seen before. This is the true beauty of soap bubbles. By maximizing the vibrancy of the membrane, it is now possible to recognize the movement of the soap bubbles with a camera, and synchronize the sound and images. This makes the beauty of the soap bubbles stand out even more.


The original beauty of bubbles unveiled in this work is beyond our imagination. We might not know how beautiful nature around us really is.

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