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Mafumi Hishida (movie)
Jiro Hashimoto (sound)



「Flux」は連作であり、「Flux / N-IL」や「Flux / Sm-IL」など様々な作品があります。

"Flux" is an attempt to sublimate the beauty of natural phenomena seen scientifically as art by combining scientific movie with music. It expresses the beauty of "fluctuation" that exists universally in nature, but is rarely felt directly in daily life. Because natural "fluctuation" still cannot be expressed by technology such as computer graphics, the real movie has a beauty that is distinctly different from CG images.

The images were taken using a microscope to show the flux of liquid crystals. Liquid crystal is a chemical substance that is contained in digital monitors, etc. It generally takes on various states depending on temperature changes. In the movie, there is a "flux" between the black state (IL state) and the colorful states (liquid-crystalline N and Sm states) depending on temperature changes (Phase transition). In reality, the state changes as the temperature fluctuates in response to the surrounding wind, etc. The dynamic motion in the movie is created by natural fluctuations, not artificial ones. The movies were actually observed under a microscope and were not edited in any way.

"Flux" is a series of works, including "Flux / N-IL" and "Flux / Sm-IL".

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