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Creative Label nor

Planner/Conceptor:Makoto Fukuchi
Hardware Engineer:Satoshi Nakane
Software Engineer:Shuhei Matsuyama
Sound Producer:Yui Onodera
Architect/Experience Designer:Kazuhiro Itagaki
Designer:Satoshi Kawamata
Scientist:Mafumi Hishida
Producer/Project Manager:Shigeyoshi Hayashi


インクが滴下された際に発生する枝分かれ模様は「粘性樹状突起形成 (Viscous Fingering)」という現象により生まれています。これは粘性の大きく異なる二つの液体を混ぜた時に生まれる模様です。また、インクが徐々に広がっていくのは、マランゴニ効果(Marangoni Effect)と呼ばれる表面張力に関係した現象によっています。これは食器洗い洗剤のCMで洗剤をつけると油が弾かれていくものと同じ現象です。


An installation work that constantly creates organic patterns through digitally controlled chemical reactions of water, ink and chemical substances. Systematic digital control and unpredictable chemical reactions create patterns that blend together and eventually turn to black, an insipid, lifeless state, reminding us of the diversity and cycle of life.

The branching pattern that occurs when ink is dropped is the result of a phenomenon called "Viscous Fingering". This pattern is created when two liquids with very different viscosities are mixed together. The gradual spreading of the ink is caused by a phenomenon called the Marangoni Effect that is related to surface tension. This is also seen in daily life when oil is repelled when the detergent is applied.

The ink drop algorithm is generated by the life game, and an autonomous drop mechanism is designed without the intervention of human will. The life game is a discrete mathematical model that reproduces the processes of birth, evolution, and selection of life in a simple model. It is also the well-known example of cellular automata, and its background is population ecology in biological populations because of the way its patterns change with simple rules.

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