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At the Moment

Mafumi Hishida

「At the Moment」は、構造色と呼ばれる光学現象を用いた作品です。構造色とは、光の波長程度の規則正しい構造によって回折された光が強め合う現象で、シャボン玉の表面や貝殻、モルフォ蝶や玉虫などにも見られます。ここでは高分子溶液を用いています。






"At the Moment" is a artwork that uses structural colors created by the formation of regular structures in the scale of the light wavelength. Structural color is an optical phenomenon that can be seen on the surface of soap bubbles, seashells, morpho butterflies, and jewel beetles. In this work, a polymer solution is used.

The work shows completely different scene and colors depending on various factors such as the view angle, the lighting, the temperature of the place, the number of days and the environment since it was created. The shadows are also colored in various ways.


The unevenness of the colors and the bubbles inside will gradually change over time. They will settle down after a few months to a few years, but even after that, the color will continue to change due to temperature and light exposure. 


The same scene can only be seen from that moment and position. This work reminds us that even in our seemingly ordinary lives, we are in the midst of nature that is changing day by day.

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