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泡影 / Bubble Shadow

Mafumi Hishida




"Bubble Shadows" is an installation works that remind us of the beauty of nature. Although soap bubbles are generally recognized as beautiful, their true beauty is hardly known. By expressing the true beauty of soap bubbles in this work, I would like to question whether there is any beauty hidden in nature that has not yet been noticed.


By controlling the specific gravity, the soap bubbles float in a large basin and  remain stable for a long time. The concept of soap bubbles as "ephemeral and vanishing" is overturned. It also makes us face the soap bubbles carefully and realize their true beauty.

The way soap bubbles float, shimmer, stick, and fuse together in a large basin  can be watched forever. You can see the flow and color on the surface of the soap bubbles, as well as the color on the shadow of the soap bubbles, creating a rich experience that goes beyond mere observation as transience and beauty coexist.

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